Developer Interview

Delve into the behind-the-scenes of the upcoming game “Wabisabi: Sushi Derby” with an exclusive interview featuring the developer ゅゆゆ. This game offers a unique concept where players nurture sushi and enter them into races. In this interview, we explore the inspiration behind the game and uncover the development process. Join us as we delve into … Read more

We exhibited at the Tokyo Game Dungeon.

On January 22, 2024, Wabisabi Sushi Derby made its debut playtest exhibition at Tokyo Game Dungeon 4. We were thrilled to see many attendees trying out the game and receiving warm feedback. We are committed to creating more opportunities for Wabisabi to be experienced by the public through future events and activities. Thank you for … Read more

Support from Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab🍣

Wabisabi, currently in development, has been officially selected as a supported member of Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab (GCLA). Moving forward, we will continue development with the support of GCLA. Up until now, our team consisted of one engineer and one designer who have been working on the game since April 2023. In August, seeking comprehensive … Read more