About Us

Lololo, Inc is currently engaged in indie game development. The name of the company, “Lololo” (ロロロ In Japanese letters) was chosen in the image of a blank space or blank sheet of paper with the intention of “a company that can become anything.” We will continue to push forward as a company that creates things that have never existed before, with new ideas and without thinking outside the box.

Company Profile

    Game Development

    We develop indie games as the core business of the company. We developed our own games with ideas that only a small group of people could develop, and we are currently developing with Unity, aiming to expand to the global market, including Steam, a platform for PCs.


    At present, Lololo is developing “Wabisabi”, a sushi training race simulation game. It’s a game where you train your own sushi and compete in a race set on the counter of a sushi restaurant, aiming to win the top race. As a PC title, we aim to release it in 2024 in English and Japanese.



    For development requests, recruitment, and company-related inquiries, please use the form below.