Wabisabi : Sushi Derby

Train Your Sushi to Compete in Races!

Sushi Racing Simulation Game

Participate in an automated race on the counter of a sushi restaurant.The key to victory is the players choice of ingredients and training. Lose your sushi if they fall off the table or are eaten by customers.

Choice of Ingredients

Build sushi by combining different rice and toppings with different properties to win various races.New ingredients will be added as your game progresses.

The Zen of Sushi

If a customer eats your sushi, you will get money to make new one. Train sushi before ingredients expire to strengthen their status.


ゅゆゆ @ yuyuyubuger Director / Engineer

In charge of planning and engineering. The person who, while eating sushi at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, came up with the idea of creating a game where sushi races. Influenced by a certain podcast, He began developing the game. His childhood dream was to become Professor Ochanomizu.

Yuka Eguchi 2D Design

Responsible for character, background, and animation illustrations. She joined the team with great energy to draw running sushi. Always hungry for fresh sushi.

Aoko Hori UI Design / Pixelart

A person who ended up making games while doing a bit of everything. Loves pixel art.

YS2 Game Design

In charge of planning. Went out for sushi with team and ended up deciding to make a sushi game. Recently discovered the joys of eating at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant alone.


Currently in development for release in early 2024. Our team has one engineer and one designer. If you have interested in our game, please contact us via Twitter.

Wabisabi : Sushi Derby has been under development with the support of Kodansha Game Creators Lab since October 2023.”


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