Support from Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab🍣

Wabisabi, currently in development, has been officially selected as a supported member of Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab (GCLA). Moving forward, we will continue development with the support of GCLA.

Up until now, our team consisted of one engineer and one designer who have been working on the game since April 2023. In August, seeking comprehensive support for game development and publishing, we applied for Kodansha’s support program. After several discussions with the representatives, we are delighted to announce that we have successfully been accepted as lab members.


KODANSHA CREATORS’ LAB. GCLA常時募集から初のラボメンバー決定!『Wabisabi(仮)』

Additionally, while we initially aimed for a release within this year, after discussions with GCLA, we have decided to reassess the game’s scope and reset the release date to the summer of 2024. This extension will allow us to create a more immersive and enjoyable experience. In the meantime, we are targeting a public unveiling at the 2024 game show and plan to strengthen our development team using the newly secured funds.